This is HO Performance and this is what we do

Cars, 4WD's, log book servicing and general repairs, we do it all!

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Performance is what we are about More power is not ALL that is required when modifying your vehicle. While it is the start it is not necessarily the finish of the journey... We look at the whole package and advise on the support modifications that will be needed to keep you reliable and safe on the road or track. Custom work, engine modifications and tuning, suspension and brake upgrades are all available.

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4 Wheel Drive

As you may have guessed, we like performance! That also includes 4 Wheel Drives and anything we can do to a car we can do to a 4WD! Custom work, suspension upgrades. engine swaps and accessories are all available. While most 4WD shops these days only sell their own branded parts, we are not aligned with anyone and can put a package together from multiple sources, giving you the best outcome at the best price.

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Log Book Servicing

We can perform your log book service without affecting your warranty! We put the same passion and attention to detail into everything we do and always use OEM quality parts that will not affect your new car warranty, usually at a much cheaper price too!

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Air Conditioning

We are an ARC accredited workshop able to service and repair all automotive air conditioning systems.